LMI Suites  


LMI Suites

Temporary relocation


Have you ever wondered where you would live if you were a victim of a disaster? With the help of your insurance company, you could be logged in a temporary housing for a couple of months.



With our fully furnished LMI Suites, your insurer could provide you with an environment closer to home. Our fully equiped kitchens, bedrooms, TV room with extended cable TV and DVD player and much more will make you feel more at home. Most of our LMI Suites are close to various accommodations and services such as shopping malls, schools, etc. No doubt the pain of going threw your ordeal will be easier to bare for everyone. Your extended stay with LMI suites will be for you an experience that you will remember.



Temporary relocation could also be a choice. For example, if you would like to visit the Montreal area for an extended stay, hotels and restaurants could cost a fortune. Why not rent one of our LMI suites?

Instead of the restaurant, you could go to the grocery store and prepare your own meals in the comfort of your kitchen. With our short term lease, you can come and go as you please. It's your LMI Suite for the duration of your stay!




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