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LMI Suites


LMI Suites - history behind our executive suites



LLOYD MCPHERSON INC.  was incorporated in 1991.  At that time we offered administration services including managing real property, accounting and preparation of tax return for corporations and individuals.



In 2000 our business shifted towards furnished rentals mostly aimed towards the corporate market.  Our excutive suites (apartments or condos) are located mainly in the Greater Montreal area.


During that time, we realized the need for business travellers that require furnished housing for over one month rent.



Most of our units are owned by our director, we realized that we have a better control on the quality of our product and react faster to the client needs. LMI Suites has a long history of wishing to provide our customers with a taste of home. We provide services to the corporate market and temporary relocation.



LMI Suites - executive suites

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