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LMI Suites

Close by services near our executive suites


Since our execute suites are located from Rigaud to downtown Montreal, a wide variety of services could be at your disposal.


Montreal Airport


The Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport is situated in the town of Dorval. Most suites are located close by to the airport. It is easily accessible by car, or public transport (bus or train).


Shopping malls


Need to buy new sharp clothes or perfum? On the Island of Montreal, places to shop are everywhere! They are mostly accessible by public transportation and by car. Shop till you drop !


Public transport


On the Island of Montreal, there is an elaborate public transport system combining the use of buses, trains and metro in the downtown area. All systems are interconnected. Off Island, public train transportation is availlable and in some cases you will find buses to bring you there.




In the West Island of Montreal, you will find two school boards: one is in French and the second for Englsh speaking students. You will also find higher education present in the sector such as Colleges and Universities.



Restaurants, cinema, gyms and spa


Want to relax? you will easily find recreational services such as:


  • Wide variety of restaurants
  • cinema
  • park and nature park
  • golf course
  • gyms and spa
  • nightclubs
  • arena
  • bowling center
  • curling
  • rafting, boat, jetboating
  • historical sites
  • Locks at Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue


To get more information, you can visit this website:

Go West Island Living.com






LMI Suites  - Close by services near our executive suites

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